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Yantra Luxury Escort Service

Escort Private Cruise

Enjoy a canal trip or a long cruise vacation on the water, who don't you want that? However, you don't want to experience that alone either. Our escorts have experience in the field of escort private cruise. This allows you to experience your long cruise vacation or business trip with a partner instead of alone. A win-win situation! You can read below why it is a win-win situation.

Escort Privé Cruise

Be presentable for the day

With our escorts you can present yourself on a luxury cruise or on a canal trip. Our escorts are professional, experienced and therefore know what attitude to adopt in different situations. Suppose you go on a business cruise trip with influential people, then you want to stand out with a representative woman. With our escort private cruise ladies you can, guaranteed.

Fun with an escort private cruise lady

Suppose you would not have an escort private cruise by your side, then you would be all alone on a long cruise trip. That can be pretty lonely. As you imagine, you can prevent that with one of our escort private cruise ladies who meets your needs. As a result, you don't have to sit alone at the dinner table in a restaurant, you don't have to go to activities on the cruise alone or you don't have to seek every rapprochement with other couples.

Yantra Escort for escort private cruise

We have years of experience. Our ladies know what we expect from them. As a result, we have outstanding quality of service. Something that we hold in high esteem. Do you have a specific cruise or long canal trip planned and are you unsure whether your requirements can be met? Contact us to take away your worries. contact met ons op te nemen, zodat alles op en top geregeld kan worden.


We are looking for beautiful and elegant ladies who love luxury and fun!

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