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My Moonlit Cruise Through Amsterdam Led to The Moon Blushing

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Fantasy Come true…

You and I are sitting across from one another chatting and enjoying dinner…We laugh and smile as we relax and become more comfortable, getting to know each other more intimately over exquisite wine and food.

I find myself daydreaming, impressed with your social prowess, and loving the attention we’re receiving as other men and women stare at us with a hint of jealousy in their eyes, wishing they could be us.

After dinner, you gently call my name, “Iman”, and offer me your arm as we leave the restaurant, leaving me quite smitten with your gentleman-like qualities. My soft, fawn skin is pressed against yours as we walk arm and arm from dinner towards the boats; happy to continue our date with a moonlit cruise through the breath-taking canals of Amsterdam.

You pull me close, wrapping your arm around my delicate waist as we prepare to board the boat. You step down and smile, turning and offering me your hand as I pull my dress a little above my knee, exposing a bit of my thigh. I blush, enchanted by your kind offer, while taking your hand and stepping onto the boat as you guide me to my seat.

Canal Cruise Amsterdam - Yantra Escort AmsterdamWe sit back, relaxing as we bathe in the moon’s dim sensual glow accented by the romantic flickers of candlelight.

We continue to drift through the canals, taking in the plethora of sights and sounds from Amsterdam’s bustling and adventurous nightlife.

You put your arm around my shoulder and run your fingertips softly against my skin. I smile, gently resting my head on your chest.

Time seems to stand still as we melt into an evening that is just beginning, eventually drifting back into the dock, stepping back onto land to head to our next destination.

We walk back to our limo; you open the door and help me in. We get comfortable, resting against each other as you run your fingers through my soft, dark brown hair. You ask me, “So are you enjoying your night so far, Iman?” I kiss you in response, almost unable to control my passion. We continue the stimulating ride with a bottle of champagne.

Our eyes brighten with excitement as we arrive at the hotel, stepping out of the limo and making our way into the lobby. You pull me closer, holding me tightly against your side as you collect your key-card from the receptionist. I rest my hand on your chest, charmed by your physique as we make our way to the elevator.

“Ding”, chimes the elevator.

It’s almost as if the air around us has become electrified as we step in. You turn me toward you, looking into my eyes as you touch your hand to my chin, tilting my face to yours. I watch as your eyes light up watching my velvet lips curl into a coy smile.

My heart is racing.

The elevator stops, opening at our floor. We walk a little faster as we head toward your room, giggling to ourselves quietly. I wait with anticipation as you slide your key-card into the slot. You open the door and lead me inside and closing the door behind us.

You smile, pressing my back against the door as you kiss me passionately. I place my arms around your neck, running my fingers through your hair, gently nipping your bottom lip. I take a deep breath, feeling you slowly slide your hand from my hip up to caress my breast.

ImanYou pull your face away from mine, looking down at me while I breath heavy, enraptured in the moment. You pull me away from the door leading me into the center of the room. You pull me into you, looking into my eyes as you slowly unzip the back of my dress and pull the fabric down revealing my black lingerie, stockings, and heels as it falls to the floor around my feet.

You run your hands down my back, walking us backward until the backs of my legs hit the mattress.

You lean me back, laying me down gently. I smile, biting the tip of my finger as I watch you undress, casting the fabric between us to the floor.

I tilt my head back, feeling you position yourself between my legs to undo my stockings.

I shiver, feeling your hot breath tease me as I look down, meeting your eyes as you pull my lingerie to the side, using your tongue to make your intent known. I feel you move up my body, planting kisses across my skin like stars that dot the sky as you undress me, exposing me.

You push my legs up, poising yourself against me as you look down at me. I watch you smile as I caress my breasts, inhaling sharply as I feel you enter me. We dive, throwing ourselves into the moment, coiling our bodies together in a sensual and passionate dance that makes the moon blush.

I had a wonderful time, and I would love to experience your passion once more.


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